Demons: The Falling Moon


Skylar Moon stood in the pouring rain as she watched her fiancé of 5 years enter the Roosevelt Hotel on Canal Street with a woman that Skylar was under the assumption was his assistant until now. She had just gone to the Brother’s that was located on the corner to buy a three-piece chicken meal before heading home, when she saw him. Adrian Thompson. Her college flame turned into her graduation beau. They had started a relationship once they both had graduated from Dillard University. Adrian was a Kappa and Skylar of course pledge AKA. Their match seems to be destined. Their love story and ambition graced every local newspaper and magazine in the city. They were deemed NOLA'S IT couple. But now standing in the raining, with her food undoubtedly ruined, Skylar was nothing more than heartbroken.

She walked the few blocks to her car after tossing her chicken into the nearest trash can. She no longer had an appetite as she unlocked her car door to her Mercedes Benz and got in. Frustrated, she turned on the heater and pulled off. Why was a good man hard to find? Skylar can admit she wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world but she was about her coins. Graduated at the top of her class and part owner of a modeling agency she ran with a fellow school mate, Skylar was business before pleasure. She had the brains and the persona of a boss. But in her eyes, Skylar was just...average. Her skin was lightly golden bronzed. Her natural hair stayed braided while she rocked whatever lace front wig she wanted. Makeup was done and immaculate. She owned her own car and also a few rental properties. On the verge of her 30th birthday, Skylar was a catch. At least that’s what she told herself. So why was her fiancé in a hotel with another bitch?

The question seemed to plaque Skylar as she drove home to her apartment in Metairie. Boxes laid tossed around as Skylar planned to expand the company she co-owned to Texas. Her business partner, Tariq Andrews, was going to oversee the New Orleans location. Skylar took off her watch and jewelry and sat on the edge of the bed. She grabbed her cell phone out of her purse and decided to call Adrian first. She knew times has been hard for him since his chiropractor business has been slow and borderline shut down. Not a lot of people been needing their back cracked but Skylar will sometimes pay for her mother and sister to go. Just to keep his hopes alive.

When the call went straight to voicemail, Skylar felt her pulse quicken as she sent him a text. Her fingers dashed wildly against the screen and she issued a montage of disrespectful words. She held the phone to her bosom as she waited for his text ring to sound through but it never did. Not even after the clock struck midnight. Skylar laid in bed and cried as she thought about what this could mean. He didn’t love her anymore. He couldn't have if he thought this was cool. Love was no longer enough for him to stay faithful. She did everything she could but the process was unfulfilling. The reward for being his woman was lacking in every sense of the word. For days, she was left feeling empty and unsatisfied. Never one to broadcast her business, she tucked her emotions to the farthest part of her mind. Never to revisit them even as they began to pile up.

Skylar walked into the adjoining closet that they shared. Her mind raced as she moved slowly over to where his clothes rested. She was expressionless. Numb as she began packing all his stuff. If he wanted to pay to be fucked in hotels, then he can stay in one. Skylar was getting tired of footing the bill and catering to his bruised male ego. When Models and Tings hit a snag, he made it loud and clear that she should just find another job and not worry about it. But this company was her dream. Her baby. She never wanted to be a model, per se. But Skylar loved being behind the scenes. Loved helping young girls discover their dreams. As a black woman, it was her mission to uplift other women. Each one, teach one.

Her phone rang abruptly causing Skye to jump as she rushed to answer it. Her face distorted into disappointment as she saw who was calling. It wasn’t Adrian, but her assistant, Khadijah. Khadijah was a god send as she worked both her jobs at McDonald's and as her assistant. Before Skye would ask for anything, she had it primed, prepped and ready.

“So, I’m on Canal with Shannon, right,” Khadijah began as loud noise and music could be heard blasting from all directions. “And we stop at that nasty ass McDonald’s cause dipshit wanted to eat before we started drinking. Tell me why I see some bitch and your nigga leaving out that fancy ass hotel? And I know its him because what black nigga walk around with a superman curl if he ain't a pimp?”

Skye held back a tear as she placed Khadijah on speaker. Her image was shattered. She was half hoping she would be able to spin the story a different way. But now the truth was out there. It exposed a secret Skylar herself was trying to ignore.

“Skye, are you there,” Khadijah asked. “You want me to tell fuckboy something? Mace that bitch? Whup his ass? Let me know. Because he out here foul than a muthafucka.”

Skylar sniffle as she rubbed her nose. “Tell him, his stuff would be outside the door. And if he doesn’t want somebody to steal it then I suggest he comes and get his shit.” She listened intently as she heard Khadijah walking and Shannon complaining about minding their business.

“Excuse me,” Khadijah told Adrian. Adrian turned around after whispering something in the girl’s ear. “Skylar wanted me to tell you, fuck you. It’s over. Come get your cheap ass shit before the crackheads come and take it. You got her all kinds of fucked up. And the bitch you with isn’t a pinky toe of a fraction of who the fuck Skylar Moon is. Lame ass. Let's go Shannon!”

Skylar laughed as she heard her assistant tell Adrian everything but what she said. But leave it to Khadijah to get ghetto and ignorant behind her family. It was one of her amazing traits. “Thank you,” Skylar said into the receiver.

“Fuck him,” Khadijah replied. “Need me to come over so he won’t try to hit you with those played out lines? Bourbon ain’t hitting on shit at the moment. And Shannon blowing me.”

“Nah, deal with Shannon. I would stop by your moms place tomorrow,” Skylar added. “I’m good. At this moment, I won’t even be here when he does get here.”

The two girls hung up the phone as Skylar went back into the closet. She placed all of Adrian’s clothes and belongings in trash bags after turning on some music. She then carried them out the front door and placed them directly on the steps so he wouldn’t even have to come to her door. She mentally asked herself why she was finding this easy to do but deep down she needed him gone. If only for a moment. She was close to turning 30 and her life was going great. But the tension in her home lately was starting to suffocate her. Yea, her and Adrian was engaged but maybe they were missing something. Maybe the honeymoon phase was finally over, and real life had sunk in. If that was the case then, shit, a break was well needed. She was drained and had nothing more to offer anybody.

Skylar walked back into her apartment and placed her travel door lock into the front door to keep him from trying to get in. The lock was something her mother recommended when Skylar got her first apartment and it has been a godsend. Nobody from the outside could get in, not even if they had a key. Skylar walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. She sipped it slow while looking at the time on the stove. It was a little after three a.m. and she was bone tired. Funny how tears and heartache operate.

Her cell phone rang but this time she didn’t rush to answer it because the ringtone was his. She let it go to voicemail while she stood in the kitchen. Waiting. Waiting for what she didn’t know. But she told herself she was going to wait. Skylar always saw herself being picked up and placed on the kitchen counter by a man that can handle all 250 plus pounds of her. He would love on her and things would be as they should. Sad to say, that fantasy never happened with Adrian. But she wanted love, so she rushed it. Even when deep down, she knew something would always be missing between the two of them. But this time, sis was going to wait. She was tired of putting herself last when she deserved everything under the stars. A man like Adrian needed their ego stroke 24/7 and Skye decided enough was enough.

She went back into her bedroom and sat at the edge of the bed. Seconds turned into minutes as minutes turned into hours. She didn't move. She just let her body grow weaker from exhaustion as she sat, awake. She wanted to hear the banging at the door. The crying and pleading. She deserved that much of an effort but it never came. Even as the sun peeked through the blinds.

She did nothing as she realized her worth in this dire relationship. He didn't even care enough to come and lie to her face about his actions. The truth was out and she should be as well.

Skye pressed her knees to her chest as she wrapped her arms around her legs. She pictured the man she saw at Bone's gym. The way he made a fool out of himself just to get her to answer him.


She smiled grimly as she laid down on the bed. His cologne introduced Reese before he did. But she didn't let him know that. Not a lot men could entice her. Skye was a picky as they come. She wanted her man to dress and act a certain way. He had to be ambitious and driven to be something more in life other than hood rich. Adrian was all of that and Skylar still wasn't able to walk that aisle.

A knock on her door, interrupted her thoughts. She laid still as she waited. Whoever was outside knocked even harder.

"Babe! Please! Let me in!"

She heard Adrian's voice and just bided her time. Her next move was critical. If she let him in, she was condoning his behavior. But if she left his ass out there, she was kicking him to the curb.

Her heart knotted in fear as she looked around her room. To leave Adrian, meant being alone. Facing the music that their relationship did not work. She was sure the social elite clubs were going to have a field day with this. Here is Perfection Skylar Moon, single and unwed. Turning 30 was scaring her more each and everyday.

Skylar sighed as she got up from the bed and made her way to the front door. She was dragging her feet to keep herself from doing what she was about to do. Hoping, he was no longer there, she opened the front door and rolled her eyes.

There he stood, looking refreshed and somewhat agitated, was the man she claimed to love. "Can I come in? I'm tired," he snapped as he pushed past her. She just stood there, baffled at the audacity.

"Bring my stuff back in as well."

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