Demons: The Introduction

Updated: Dec 10, 2021


Franklin “Frankie” Heights sighed as he pulled down his white tee over his head. It was a different day but same bullshit. His girlfriend of seven years was still in the living room, cursing as she played her favorite K’Michelle song, “Can’t raise a man”. This morning couldn't have been worst. The moment he woke up, the argument popped up from where it left off.

“I’m bout to head out,” he said as he walked past her to head to the kitchen. He was hungry but the faster he made his move to head out, the better.

Sienna ignorned him as she sung her want to be broken heart out to the lyrics. It surprised him that she was playing the victim when it was her fault that she blew through a million dollars in the five years he was incarcerated. He didn’t understand how she figured he would have money stashed somewhere else. He was loyal and honest to the core. He let her know the codes to the safe and put her name on his bank account. He could have easily clicked out. But he didn’t. He was understanding of the situation but deep down, he was pissed. Pissed that she didn't understand that she was reason he was in jail.

“You really not going to sit hea and talk bout this,” Sienna asked incredulously. She paused her sung and turned her gaze into his direction. “Like just walk out when we are having a discussion. Is that what you are going to start doing?”

Frankie slammed the fridge door shut a little bit too hard before responding. The cereal boxes that was stationed on top fell from the force of it. “What do you want for me to say? Damn baby. I’m sorry you carelessly spent money while I was away but don’t worry. I’m going to fix YOUR mistake while you sit here and pout cause you can't get a new iPhone.”

Sienna’s red dreads hung from her face as she felled silent. She pushed her knees to her chest as she looked down at the floor. Frankie just stared at her before walking off. He didn’t really have shit to tell her. It was her fault that they were now broke. Her fault that they were in this situation to begin with. But like a woman that wouldn't own up to her actions, Sienna just sat there.

A knock at the door sounded, signaling that his right hand man had arrived. He quickly grabbed his cell phone and walked out before Sienna decided to throw another tantrum. He was losing losing it and needed every excuse to be away from the woman he love.

“Damn, dude!” Maurice Brown exclaimed as he took a stepped back as Frankie rushed out. “You took long enough. Thought that bitch finally killed your high yella ass.” Maurice laughed at his joke but then stopped when he realized, he was the only one laughing.

Franklin chuckled as he doubled checked the door was locked before walking off. “She is pissed at me for the moment. Blame me for her spending habits.”

Maurice shook his head as he strode alongside Frankie to the elevator of the apartment building. Maurice was dressed almost flashy as the shades he wore covered his eyes. Never the one to walk out of his appointment dressed as just anything, however, he decided to keep it simple with sweatpants and a tee.

“I told you about fucking with that girl. It was her fucking side dude that lied and said you were trying to rob him to get you locked up. And that shit worked. I’m telling you. You need to drop that crazy bitch.”

Frankie sighed as they stepped onto the elevator and pressed the down button. “Sienna got a hell of a mouth piece. Her pussy is just magical. It's hard to ignore that part.”

Maurice rolled his eyes as he folded his arms. “Well that unicorn pussy is ruining your life.”

Frankie laughed as he pulled out his cell and sent a quick text to Sienna. “We need to stop by Nasir first. He said he can provide me the job to fulfill a part of my parole release.”

“What’s the other half?”

Frankie sighed as he tossed his head back. “I have to meet a shrink. Some lady name Anabelle or Alex. Some shit. I don't know. My parole officer is an adovacte for black people seeing shrinks and working out problems.”

Maurice scoffed as he rubbed the front of his nose to keep from laughing. “You have to go see a shrink? Damn, boy. Let me find out you are crazy for cocoa puffs.”

“Shut up,” Frankie laughed as he nudged Maurice in the ribs. “My probation officer thinks it is a healthy choice for me. Said he tired of seeing young black men not pouring out their emotions in a healthy way.”

Maurice nodded as they walked to his car. He pulled out his key fob and pressed the unlock button. “I dig it. Hopefully, she can convince you to dump Sienna’s bipolar ass. I’m serious. Five years? How much you want to bet that same nigga was supplying her pipe and spending your money?”

Frankie said nothing as he hopped into the passenger seat. He knew Maurice’s words rang true but at this moment, he wasn’t trying to put any thought into it. As far he was concern, Sienna was a means to an end. His love for her had been dissipated. As of this moment, he was single and just staying with his ex girlfriend. Even if she didn’t know it.

“So, tell me again how Sienna still has her jaw?” Maurice asked as he passed Frankie the blunt that had been lit. Maurice was driving down Tulane Avenue as the traffic was moving about slowly. “I thought I was going to have to bail you out again when you got home.”

Frankie looked out the window as he eyed the dark green mustang that was beside them at the red light. “She apologized and kept money on my books. Said she had no clue he was going to do that. At first, I wasn’t hearing it. But when I got word that I had a parole hearing, I needed a stable place to stay.”

“You couldn’t have asked me?”

Frankie turned slowly to look at Maurice. “How many bitches you have working under you? Not too mention your other income will be frowned upon by the police department.”

Maurice faked pouted as he reached for the blunt. “I just sell a little weed. Nothing major. You act I’m Tony Montana in these streets. I just do enough to get by.”

“Nah, besides I didn’t want you hemmed up on my bullshit. Since I been back, Sienna been annoying ever since I got out two days ago. Bitching and complaining about any and everything.”

“So, what you gone do now?”

Frankie shrugged as he thought of the answer himself. “Get this job. Save up and get my own place. The further I am away from Sienna Monroe. The better.”


Nasir Valentine watched the mock boxing match as he waited for his uncle to arrive.

“You got to protect your head,” Bones yelled as he entered the ring to tutor the young boys. “Rule one of boxing, protect your form.”

Nas shook his head as he turned towards the entrance of the gym. "Yo, Unc!”

Frankie smiled as he walked up and dabbed Nas, his nephew. “You thinking about getting in the ring,” Frankie joked as he nodded towards Bone, who was still lecturing.

“Nah, I leave that to him,” Nas replied as he motioned his head for his uncle to follow him. “Mom said you were out and needing a decent employment to make it look good for the parole. I want to hire you as a personal trainer. I will pay you minimum wage so you can show a paycheck but you will have to charge the clients your price.”

“A fitness trainer, huh?” Frankie dipped his brow in confusion. “I don’t know shit about training.”

Nasir scoffed jokingly as he stopped by the reception desk. Maurice was standing there looking at brochures. “It’s easy. You download a fitness plan online. Just start them off at base weight and go from there. You can charge about two to three hundred per client.”

Maurice laughed as he finally caught on to what was going on. “High yella Frankie bout to have all the hoes in here squatting. Making rack of those thick girls who trying to get before summertime. Damn. This is the perfect job. You still hiring?”

“Yea, you know somebody,” Nas joked as the two men slapped hands.

Frankie shook his head as he eyed the woman on the machine. All three men had their eyes on her as she stretched in front of a treadmill. Shorty was flexible in her Sweat Freak Co apparel. Her long hair was in a ponytail and the way her body was sculpted had to been a genetic job.

“Damn.” Maurice hissed as he removed his shades. “Shorty is fine as the fuck. She a regular, here?”

Nas shrugged as he looked away. He had his own love at home. “She is only here when her brother is training.”

“Who? Bone?”

“Yea, man,” Nasie said with a smile still on his face. “You looking to get into the ring with Bone?”

Maurice laughed as he backed up some. “Nigga, fuck no. I heard Bone is a beast with a right hook. I’m good on that. I came for support and see how your female clientele is looking.” Both men laughed as Maurice looked to where the treadmills were stationed. His eyes did a once over when he saw that beautiful woman wearing those leggings began to bend at the hips to touch her toes. “I see you have everything I need.”

Frankie laughed as he playfully punched Maurice in the chest. “Don’t run off my future paying customers. But, look. Me and Nas gone finish up here. Once you done spitting game, you know where to find me.” Maurice agreed before walking off.

He was planning on just doing weights to try and gain her attention, but he decided a nice little jog on the treadmill could get things going. He grabbed the treadmill next to woman and started the machine at his prefer speed. He nodded his head once he saw that she looked at him but didn’t say anything.

“I’m Maurice, by the way,” Maurice said as he held his hand out.

Skylar raised her left eyebrow as she continues her workout. Since arriving this morning, she has been approached by all kinds of men that just seemed to know she was available. All Skye wanted to do was work out and go chill with her cousin today. Not being stopped fifty times before she can even work up a sweat. Her jaws were getting tired of saying “No. Thank you. Not interested.”

“You not the speaking type, huh?” Maurice asked as he nodded his head. “Ok. Well I can do all the talking then. My name is Maurice Brown but people call me Reese. I am an Scorpio and you know what they say about Scorpios.” Maurice laughed as he looked her way but Skye’s face remained in resting bitch mode.

“You must be a Leo,” he commented as he walked on the treadmill but watched Skye at the same time. “You know two fire signs together are like fireworks. You heard of that Katy Perry song? Cause baby, you’re a firework. Come on show ‘em what you’re worth.” His singing caused Skye to miss her step and stumble on the treadmill as she tried her hardest not to laugh. She failed miserably as she fell off the treadmill. Maurice quickly cut his off and was by Skye’s side in a matter of minutes.

“You ok,” he asked as he placed a hand on her back. Skye was still laughing hysterically as she nodded her head. “I’m offended. You fell and still laughing at me.”

“Shut up, your ass knew you couldn’t sing,” Skye retorted as he helped her stand on her feet. “I’m ok. Your lame singing crushed the full force of it.”

Maurice went to turn off her treadmill and watched as Sky bent down to dust off her knees. The way her booty poked out in the process caused him to get hard. He noticed several other men looking and decided to stand behind her. He didn’t know why but he felt obligated too. Skye was a full figured woman and she bodied that shit.

Skye smiled as she stood upright. “I am a Leo by the way. Skylar Moon.” She held her hand out and he gently wrapped his hand around hers. For a brief moment, an electric shock seemed to pass through them causing Reese to see himself picking Skye up and placing her on a counter. The way she licked his ear caused his face to flush as he buried his face in her neck.

Skye stepped back as she shook her like she saw the same thing. Suddenly, weird chemistry seems to vibrate off them. As they just stared at each other. Neither of them speaking.

“Um, I need to head to the showers,” Skye mumbled as she felt this desirable urge to lick his ear. “Thank you for making me laugh. You don’t know how much I needed that.”

“You’re welcome,” Maurice replied huskily. He watched as she walked away from him. The way her hips was swaying called out to him. But he was rooted in place. He couldn’t move if he wanted too. “What in the big booty leggings is going on,” he mumbled. The vision he had was replaying over in his mind. He wonders if by some weird defined state if she saw what he saw.

A hour later and Sky was ready to leave the gym. She played around on her phone in the locker area, trying to figure out what the hell happened. Reese seemed like a nice guy but why the hell did her fantasy pop up like that. She didn’t know him from a can of paint but the way his body felt up against hers was surreal. It was as if they did that act before and was in tuned with each other.

Skylar placed her feet into her heels and walked over to full length mirror. She had already applied light makeup and her hair which was in a bun was now hanging loosely down her back, barely touching her butt. Sky winked at herself. It was her routine ever since she started high school and realized she had little more body than majority of the females in her class. That wink meant a lot to her. It gave her a confidant boost. Her own affirmation.

Skylar walked out of the locker room and felt damn near all the eyes on her as she walked over to the front desk to pay for a few workout classes she saw was about to open. Now that she was single, she was adamant on staying busy until she leaves for Texas in a few months.

“I love your shoes,” Becky, the receptionist, cooed as she signed Skye up. “Where did you get them?”

Skylar looked down and tried to remember. “I think Fashion Nova. I’m a sucker for a sell.” The two women discussed shoes just as Frankie, Nas and Maurice walked up.

“Hey, Beck. When you done, can you look up the dates for the fight in Biloxi,” Nas asked. He placed some flyers on the desk just as Skye turned to face the man that made her fall.

“I see shorty a little baddie in gym clothes and regular clothes,” Maurice flirted.

“She ain’t your little boo thang,” Frankie sang out causing everybody to laugh. Nasir cut his eyes in Bone’s direction. He wasn’t about to get caught up with his uncle’s foolishness. “But shorty got that phatty.”

Skye laughed as Becky handed her a copy of her receipt. “Yall have a good one.” Just as Skye was about to walk off, Reese called her name.

“Yo, Skye,” Nasir yelled. Sky felt a heart skip a beat as she paused for a moment before looking in his direction. “Beautiful,” he said when their eyes connected. He winked at her before turning around to his friends.

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